Why QuasarDB in Finance?

June 29, 2018

The more flexible and convenient the access to market data is, the better the analysts can work. Hedge funds and investment banks typically store very large amounts of trades and market data (sometimes several petabytes), which makes gaining access very difficult, if not impossible.

Larger institutions usually solve that with in-house development or by purchasing multiple and very expensive hardware and/or software products. They also have to differentiate between recent and older data, often storing older data offline in archives that are less convenient for querying. In some cases, “older” can sometimes be only a few days, leaving analysts the choice between delays while their IT team unpacks the archive data, or doing without.

Smaller institutions often give up on the scale, leaving smarter investment strategies on the table.

This is a massive inefficiency and loss of opportunity. Data, regardless of its age, is full of insights.

QuasarDB is a database management system that combines long term efficient archiving and real-time in memory analytics within a single package. Based on a decade of R&D, QuasarDB delivers top-of-the-line performance across the board and integrates well with industry standards. That result can mean getting answers 1,000 X faster while using 10 X less hardware resources.

QuasarDB delivers transparent and uniform access to the whole history, enabling analysts to be more efficient and creative in their work. Since the package is fully integrated, this also results in a significant reduction in maintenance and operational costs.

Some typical use cases:

  • Tick database
  • Backtesting/Simulations
  • Ad-hoc analysis
  • Compliance
  • Large-scale monitoring

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