Why QuasarDB?

QuasarDB is a high-performance, distributed time series database that seamlessly combines in-memory capabilities with reliable storage.


QuasarDB currently solves hard manufacturing and finance problems such as predictive maintenance or real-time introspection into financial markets. It is an end-to-end platform with the features, tools, and practices to wire in your time-critical queries.

Related features

  • Extensive, ultra-high-performance, data import and export toolbox
  • Predictive maintenance design patterns
  • Waveform signal processing
  • Full order book management
  • Simultaneous processing of historical and real-time data

Effortless adoption

If you are fluent in Python and SQL, you are already fluent in QuasarDB, enabling you to be quickly operational. Need more control? The most popular programming languages are supported, and QuasarDB integrates seamlessly with the most popular streaming and visualization software such as Kafka, Kinesis, SAS, Excel, Power BI… QuasarDB runs everywhere, from 32-bit ARM devices to high-end Intel servers, from Edge Computing to the cloud or on-premises.

Related Features

  • SQL with time series extensions
  • API available for a wide variety of languages, such as C, C++, Java, Go, Python, R…
  • Built-in clustering for low operational complexity
  • Supports object storage (e.g. S3) as a backend
  • Runs anywhere: embedded, containers, cloud, and bare-metal servers


As data grows, performance becomes critical. Whether your data set is small or large, QuasarDB enables you to work interactively on your data, and it delivers top-of-the-line performance. Data can be ingested at several gigabytes per second and is available immediately for querying thanks to the consistent nature of the database. QuasarDB clusters routinely aggregate billions of rows per second.

Related Features

  • Unparalleled speed to access billions of rows and millions of requests per second
  • Industry leading ingestion speed
  • Close to the metal C++ implementation
  • Unique compression and distribution algorithms
  • Support for Mellanox and Solarflare NICs

Fault tolerance

QuasarDB is write-safe by default and can even sync every write to the disk for maximum reliability. With its transactional engine, QuasarDB makes it easy to reason about updates while giving you the same level of reliability you have enjoyed from relational databases. Thanks to its master-less design, QuasarDB can face the loss of nodes transparently. When a node joins back, QuasarDB will replay the log of events to guarantee consistency.

Related Features

  • Native clustering
  • Built-in redundancy up to 4 distinct copies
  • Distributed transactional engine for safe updates
  • Consistent updates
  • Reliable disk writes with full sync option and low-level access
  • Secure authentication and communications

Try QuasarDB

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    Turnkey solutions perfectly configured by our experts. Our managed instances include: ingestion, analytics connectivity, backups, replication, and monitoring.

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    Do-it-yourself QuasarDB. Run QuasarDB in your datacenter or your embedded device. The On-premises option has a free community edition. This community edition is fully featured and has no time limit.

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