QuasarDB Solution Architect Team Expands

August 31, 2018

QuasarDB is growing quickly as evidenced by the fact that we are further expanding our Solution Architect Team. This team works closely with innovative companies interested in leveraging QuasarDB’s technology.Our solution architects assist customers and prospects during all phases of a project – from a successful POC to the smooth transition to the post-sales team. They use their market and technical knowledge to consult on best practices and offer constructive direction for an implementation – database schema, architecture, loading mechanisms, hardware requirements, etc.We are pleased to announce two newcomers to this team:

  • Leon Mergen, based in the Netherlands, the former CTO of Autheos and AdDynamics; and
  • Marcos Perona, based in the UK, a former VP Product Manager at Prism Platform, a Lead Solution Architect at Experian and a Senior Data Engineer at Salesforce.com

With these additions, we are now able to offer an efficient POC-in-a-box assistance service – dramatically reducing the resources needed and the time spent by our prospects before becoming QuasarDB users/customers.

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