QuasarDB Measured Up To 600 Times Faster Than InfluxDB

September 28, 2018

When reading specifications and claims from Time Series Database vendors, one might think that they all look pretty much the same. However, reality is very different, as rigorous benchmarking can show. A full publication will follow demonstrating how QuasarDB extraordinarily outperforms its rivals on all relevant tests, such as on insertion speed, query speed, and disk usage.

Preliminary information for QuasarDB newsletter readers:

for an arithmetic mean computation, it takes 90 ms for QuasarDB to compute a 1GB raw dataset versus more than 60,000 ms for InfluxDB OR 3,000 ms for TimescaleDB!. QuasarDB is so efficient in its disk usage that it only takes 10% of size required by competitors such as TimescaleDB for the same data set volume. Stay tuned for out-of-this-world performance results with QuasarDB 3.0 – coming soon in October!. QuasarDB’s Community Edition is available on AWS or can be directly downloaded from our website.

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