QuasarDB “Hierocles” 3.2.0 available

April 9, 2019

We are very pleased to announce the immediate availability of QuasarDB 3.2.0.

This release brings a big push toward security with complete and precise access control management.The other major focus on this release is to greatly improve the user experience of Python developers. We now have a built-in pandas integration and we reworked packaging to make installing the QuasarDB Python API a breeze.As with every release, we also increased the analytical capabilities of QuasarDB with more functions and features.

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New features

[security] Fine grained access control.

  • [security] Support for default user privileges.
  • [query] Support for ALTER TABLE.
  • [query] Support for SHOW TABLES.
  • [query] Support for moving minimum, average, and maximum.
  • [query] Support for distinct count.
  • [API] Python API pandas integration.
  • [export] New data exporting tool to export timeseries data to CSV files.

Fixes and improvements

  • [query] GROUP BY performance improvements.
  • [query] Fixed multiple GROUP BY related bugs.
  • [query] Greatly improved the performance of the lookup function.
  • [daemon] Optimize ORDER BY and LIMIT processing.
  • [daemon] Fixed a clustering bug when the cluster was using stream encryption.
  • [API] Reworked Python API packaging.
  • [API] Greatly improved batch insertion API performance.
  • [import] Greatly improved TSV/CSV importing tool performance and heuristics.
  • [REST] Various bugs and documentation fixes.
  • [network] Reused sockets could ignore buffering parameters.

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