QuasarDB Beta 3.9.5 Released

November 11, 2020

We are very pleased to announce the immediate availability of QuasarDB 3.9.5.

This release introduces extended FIND() capabilities, customizable compaction, and several bug fixes.

Fixes and improvements

  • [api] Added a faster, but approximate, tag counting function
  • [api] Added a new compaction mode that is slower, but uses less disk
  • [api] Added an API call to enable or disable auto-compaction dynamically
  • [api] Fixed an issue where prefix get could return more results than the limit
  • [api] Load balancing is now disabled by default
  • [api] The query engine will now transparently parallelize queries to increase performance
  • [api] Trimming and compaction are now two distinct API calls
  • [daemon] Advertised as address will use by default the value of address
  • [daemon] Statistics are now properly restored on startup
  • [dbtool] A summary of execution time is now printed
  • [query] Added support for DROP TABLE IF EXISTS
  • [query] find() can now be used in PREWHERE and WHERE clauses
  • [query] find(tag=t) can now be recursive
  • [query] Fixed a potential GROUP BY crash.
  • [query] Fixed an issue where rows could be partially removed after a DELETE WHERE
  • [query] Fixed an issue where LIMIT would improperly be applied when a WHERE ORDER BY clause is used
  • [query] SHOW TABLE displays the internal column number
  • [replicate] Tags are now replicated with the data during a manual cluster-to-cluster replication
  • [shell] Some integers could be misformatted
  • [shell] You can now change the maximum results count in get_tagged
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