QuasarDB 3.4.0 is available now!

August 31, 2019

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of QuasarDB 3.4.0.

This release significantly expands the tooling around QuasarDBcluster to cluster replicationODBC drivers, and built-in audit trail. The update extends the possibilities that a fully managed time series can offer, integrating data ingestion, connectivity, cloud storage, backup, and more.

New features also include:

  • [daemon] New, queryiable, configurable, audit trail that stores every update to the database
  • [query] Support for DELETE (was only available through API calls)
  • [drivers] New ODBC driver
  • [tools] New cluster-to-cluster replication tool that can be used for synchronization and migration

Fully Managed Timeseries Solution

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