QuasarDB 2.5.0 released!

April 20, 2018

In 2.5.0 we pushed the limits of compression even further, without any impact on speed! We also increased the flexibility and power of WHERE clauses.

We’re also very happy to say that we now have an ARM64 build available upon request.

Please note that we changed the way licensing works. This has no impact on the validity or price of your license, you will however need to request an updated license from your solutions architect.

New features

  • [persistence] Up to twice the compression ratio without any performance impact!
  • [query] WHERE clauses now support multiple columns as well as comparisons on blobs.
  • [web bridge] The query API is now available through REST.

Fixes and improvements

  • [packaging] New Core2 build. The Core2 build enables you to run QuasarDB on older generation of Intel-compatible processors. The default build requires a Westmere or better micro-architecture.
  • [packaging] We successfully built Quasardb for the ARM64 architecture! Build available upon request.
  • [daemon] Greatly reduced the probability of conflicts during time series insertions.
  • [api] When a cluster is unstable, the API will now wait a configurable amount of time for stabilization.
  • [shell] Added a new command to display the current status of a cluster.

What are you waiting for? Try it out! Our community edition is free!

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