QuasarDB 2.4.0 released!

March 12, 2018

This new version brings powerful improvements to the query language, as well as significant boost to the compression ratio and aggregation speed.

New features

  • [query] Support for arithmetic expressions in SELECT statements
  • [query] Support for multiple ranges in SELECT statements
  • [query] Initial support for WHERE clause – at this stage only single column queries are supported
  • [persistence] Greatly improved data compression (up to 5x)

Fixes and improvements

  • [aggregations] Added specific SSE 4.2 optimizations for machines without AVX and AVX2
  • [aggregations] Significantly increased the speed of integer 64-bit aggregations (up to 6x)
  • [aggregations] Significantly increased the speed of sum_of_squares and product functions (up to 4x)
  • [python] Exposed query API
  • [shell] Fixed a bug where the columns would be displayed in the wrong order for a star SELECT

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