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Back in 2009, we decided to challenge the status quo of databases in hedge funds. Why are we building these Rube Goldberg Machines to access historical data and answer simple questions? Why is every hedge fund building a suboptimal solution to the same problem? We wanted to make the fastest database in the world without any restriction to its capacity. Users shouldn’t wait on the software and be able to query all their data in an instant! We also knew that this technology would have huge applications outside of financial markets in industrial IoT and autonomous vehicles.

Remaining extremely focused and pragmatic– and not trying to re-invent a sub-par relational database – we infused innovation with an unimaginable count of manhours to create a database management system, QuasarDB, focused on time series and designed to handle any workload as fast as the current technology permits..

Executive Team

  • edouard

    Edouard Alligand

    Founder – CEO

  • edouard

    Jean-Claude Tagger


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QuasarDB is a high-performance, distributed, time series database. QuasarDB can reliably ingest millions of points per second and aggregate billions of lines per second, making sure it can handle even the most extreme time series use cases. Scalability is transparent, whether it’s for very large and dense time series or millions of smaller ones.

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